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Black History Quiz

Match Questions with Names & Find Answers Below


Table of Contents

  1 Part A Questions
  2 Part B Questions
  3 Part C Questions
  4 Part A Answers

  5 Part B Answers
  6 Part C Answers
  7 Conclusion


Africa: Piano Music of William Grant Still
Denver Oldham, piano
Koch 3 7084 2H1 (1991)

Quiz at Three Levels of Difficulty
Name the composer or musician for each question
Peek at answers on right or see entire list of answers below

1 Part A Questions

1 Composer of the Afro-American Symphony  Answer
2 Black trumpeter for King Henry VIII  Answer
3 The King of Ragtime  Answer
4 Blind slave was a musical genius  Answer
5 Best fencer in France  Answer
6 Britain's first Black voter  Answer
7 Classical guitarist who helped the Underground Railroad  Answer
8 Composer and pianist born in Canada  Answer
9 Haitian pianist nicknamed "A Black Chopin"  Answer
10 Led first African American musicians to visit Europe  Answer
11 Her work Troubled Water is based on a spiritual  Answer
12 Composer of Negro Folk Symphony  Answer
13 His Cotton Club Orchestra was on national radio, but only White people could attend its shows  Answer
14 Composer of Brazil's first opera  Answer
15 Music Director for the President of Haiti  Answer
16 Believed to be the first Black composer to make a recording  Answer
17 Conductor who received National Medal of Arts in 2005  Answer


2 Part B Questions

1 First African American Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Music  Answer
2 Fled racism in New Orleans and conducted in France for 27 years  Answer
3 South African composer of  My Country  Answer
4 Conducts diverse orchestra, the Chicago Sinfonietta  Answer
5 Jamaican composer of contemporary concert music  Answer
6 First African American woman whose symphony was performed by a major orchestra  Answer
7 Nigerian composer of orchestral music  Answer
8 A leading classical guitarist of our time  Answer
9 Published Jubilee Songs of the United States of America  Answer
10 Composer of Epitaph for a Man who Dreamed  Answer
11 Co-author of the The Charleston, which became a hugely popular dance  Answer
12 South African who composed the Zulu epic Ushaka  Answer
13 A composer who taught in Chicago over 40 years  Answer
14 Pianist who first saw his instrument at age 16  Answer
15 Father of Modern Nigerian Art Music  Answer
16 His opera Guinevere has been sung in the U.S. and Europe  Answer
17 Piano soloist who is also a member of a piano duo  Answer
18 His score for the film In the Company of Fear won a Leo Award in Canada  Answer


3 Part C Questions

1 Leading composer in Afrocubanismo style  Answer
2 Violinist accompanied on piano by Ludwig van Beethoven  Answer
3 Early Pan-Africanist composer  Answer
4 Wrote award-winning opera Scourge of Hyacinths  Answer
5 His opera Blake was excerpted by the New York City Opera Company  Answer
6 A commission from the Symphony of the New World led to his work  Concentrics  Answer
7 Haitian who wrote Legende Creole  Answer
8 Nigerian who formulated the theory of African Pianism  Answer
9 The Moscow State Radio Orchestra performed his Of New Horizons in 1958  Answer
10 First music teacher of Ernesto Nazareth, a leading Brazilian composer  Answer
11 Co-founder of the New World Symphony  Answer
12 Guadeloupean composer of La cité de voile (The City of Sail)  Answer
13 Winner of the 1952 BMI competition for student composers  Answer
14 Haitian composer of Tangente au Yanvalou  Answer
15 Violin soloist with the New York Philharmonic in 1875-1876  Answer
16 The American Viola Society calls her “...one of the foremost instrumentalists of her generation.”  Answer
17 His Sphinx Organization trains young Black and Latino musicians  Answer


4 Part A Answers
 1 Still, William Grant
 2 Blanke, John
 3 Joplin, Scott
 4 Wiggins, Thomas "Blind Tom"
 5 Saint-Georges, Le Chevalier de
 6 Sancho, Ignatius
 7 Holland, Justin
 8 Dett, R. Nathaniel
 9 Lamothe, Ludovic
10 Johnson, Francis B.
11 Bonds, Margaret A.
12 Dawson, William Levi
13 Ellington, Edward K. "Duke"
14 Garcia, José Mauricio Nunes
15 Jeanty, Occide
16 Lambert, Lucien-Leon, Jr.
17 DePreist, James

5 Part B Answers
 1 George Theophilus Walker
 2 Edmond Dede
Michael Mosoeu Moerane
 4 Paul Freeman
 5 Eleanor Alberga
 6 Florence B. Price
 7 Samuel Ekpe Akpabot
 8 Leo Brouwer
 9 Henry T. Burleigh
10 Adolphus C. Hailstork
11 James P. Johnson
12 J.S. Mzilikazi Khumalo
13 Irene Britton Smith
14 Girma Yifrashewa
15 Fela Sowande
16 Julius P. Williams
17 William H. Chapman Nyaho
18 Celso Machado

6 Part C Answers
 1 Amadeo Roldan
 2 George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower
 3 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
 4 Tania J. Leon
 5 H. Leslie Adams
 6 Arthur Cunningham
 7 Justin Elie
 8 Akin Euba
 9 Ulysses S. Kay
10 Charles Lucien Lambert, Sr.
11 Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson
12 Alain P. Pradel
13 Hale Smith
14 Julio Racine
15 José Silvestre White
16 Nokuthula Ngwenyama
17 Aaron P. Dworkin

7 Quiz Conclusion
What matters is not how many questions you answered correctly, but how aware you became of the rich African Heritage in Classical Music.  The questions and answers are from our Web pages on Composers and Musicians of African Descent; if you have not visited them, we hope you will do so.  You will find background information on the composers, the musicians, their music and recordings.  Remember to visit the Audio page for dozens of sound samples.



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