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Sept pièces Créoles, Vol. 1
Tatjana Rankovich, piano
Dezi'l Production 001 (2000)


Sept pièces Créoles, Vol. 2
Tatjana Rankovich, piano

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Alain Pierre Pradel  (b. 1949)

Guadeloupean Composer & Pianist


Table of Contents

  1 Birth
  2 La cité de voile
  3 Sept pièces créoles

Alain Pierre Pradel

Audio Samples: Dezi'l Production DP 001 (2000); Alain Pierre Pradel: Sept
pièces Créoles (Seven Creole Pieces), Vol. 1
; Tatjana Rankovich, piano
 a Le château de cendre
 b La préférée

1 Birth
Born in 1949 in the former French West Indies colony of Guadeloupe, Alain Pierre Pradel began studying piano at age 12.  His Web site, West Indies Piano  http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pradel/alain.htm  explains [Translated from French]:

For him, balance came from music, from the piano.  Rural standards did not facilitate his learning.  Classical works were not prized and were sometimes abandoned in favor of local airs.  Both forms of music have a place in his heart and are sources of interest, of reflection
and of profound emotions.  He was going to remain faithful and even seek to unite them, in spite of prejudgments.

2 La cité de voile
After seven years in Paris, Pradel returned to Guadeloupe in 1975.  His Web site continues:

It was the start of a period marked by research in composition and by an introduction to music for dance.  In June 1982, at Deshaies, the dream, the merger, became real with the writing of  La cité de voile (The City of Sail), an original work for piano directly influenced by the mixing of cultures.

3 Sept pièces Créoles
Sept pièces Créoles (Seven Creole Pieces), Vol. 1,  Dezi'l Production 001 (2000) is the first CD of Pradel's contemporary music for piano.  It was recorded by the classical pianist Tatjana Rankovich in New York.  The works are  La cité de voile  (3:58),  Pomme canelle  (2:50),  Le château de cendre  (6:12),  Piro et fanfan  (2:35),  Vue de do  (5:34),  La préférée (3:57) and  Eclipse  (4:42).  Tatjana Rankovich is also the pianist for Sept pièces Créoles, Vol. 2.





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