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Reciprocal Links

Aardvark.co.za  www.aardvark.co.za  - Africa's fastest search engine.

About Guide to African-American History
  www.afroamhistory.about.com - Your guide to one of hundreds of sites.

About Guide to Classical Music  www.classicalmusic.about.com - Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites.

About Guide to Private Schools http://privateschool.about.com/od/blackstudies/ - African American Studies Resources.

Academic Earth http://academicearth.org/history/ - Free Online Lectures and Courses for History.  Possible Specializations Include: African American History: From Emancipation to the Present, Yale University; African American History: The Freedom Struggle, Stanford University.

Academic Info Net www.academicinfo.net/africanammeta.html - African American History Links.  A resource for college and professional research.

Africa Centre Links  www.africacentre.org.uk/ 

AfricaEducation.org www.africaeducation.org  - Links for Education in Africa.

African American Museum in Philadelphia  http://www.aampmuseum.org - Founded in 1976, the AAMP is the nation's first institution funded and built by a major municipality to preserve, interpret and exhibit the heritage of African Americans.

African American Planning Commission, Inc.
www.aapci.org - Building our community and yours, one block, one family at a time.

AfriCanaVillage.com http://www.africanavillage.com/ - Africana Village and Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

African Diaspora Tourism
http://www.africandiasporatourism.com - An online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture, heritage and influences of people of African descent, past and present.

Africa Online www.africaonline.com  - Information Source for Africa.

Africa South of the Sahara

Africatime.com www.africatime.com

African Canadian Online  www.yorku.ca/aconline/music/history.html

African Musical Arts, Inc. http://africarts.org - A non-profit parent organization for African Chorus, African Music Publishers and the New Horizons Orchestra.

AfricanMusiciansProfiles.com www.africanmusiciansprofiles.com/links.html

Africolombia Blog http://Africolombia.blogspot.com/  - El punto de encuentro de dos culturas.

www.africultures.com - The African culture website.

Afrika.no www.afrika.no  - The Norwegian Council On Africa.

AfroAmericanHeritage.com www.afroamericanheritage.com - African American History & Heritage Site.

AfroCanadians.com www.afrocanadians.com Black Canadians' Number
1 Resource for News, Business and Information.

Afrocentric Resource Guide   http://afro.dlhjr.com/
  - Don Hinson's Black History Links.

Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music http://www.afrovoices.com/ -
Focuses on African American performers and composers and their works.

www.afrocubaweb.com  - Music, authors, arts and history of Cuba's African heritage.

Afropop Worldwide www.afropop.org - Your Guide to African and World Music via Public Radio and the Web.

www.afroroots.com - Directory of Afro-American resources.

AfroVoices.com www.afrovoices.com - Also known as Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music.

All About Beethoven  http://www.all-about-beethoven.com  - Portal dedicated to the great German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.  The site offers the reader detailed information regarding the life, music and existence of Beethoven.

American Civil War
http://www.factasy.com/civil_war/index.shtml - A comprehensive American Civil War site with forums.

www.ananzi.co.za - South African Web Directory.

AncestorHunt.com www.ancestorhunt.com/black_history_month.htm

Archives of African American Music and Culture 
www.indiana.edu/~aaamc/  - The AAAMC is devoted to the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials for the purpose of research and study of African-American music and culture.

Association of Black Culture Centers www.abcc.net - An organization of college, university, and community Black and Multiculture Centers.

AudioMusic.info  www.audiomusic.info - Music search engine!

Bali Treasures
www.bali-treasures.com Djembe African Hand Drums Factory and Outlet, producing musical instruments.

Basetti Paletti Publications http://bassetti-paletti.de - Sheet music for basset horn and clarinet, including Ragtime Music of Scott Joplin.

BBC Southeast Wales Web Guide  www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/webguide/pages/blackhistory.shtml 

www.bestblackdatingsites.org -
Mission: To Educate the African American Community About Online Dating Safety.

Big Learning for Families
www.biglearning.com - Learning resources presented by Dr. Karen Cole.

www.blackclassics.co.uk/, www.blackclassics.eu  - UK website promoting Black classical musicians within Europe.

Black History 4 Schools 
www.blackhistory4schools.com - Articles, Resources and Weblinks on Black and Asian British History.

Black History Month 

Black History Month Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

www.chebucto.ns.ca/Heritage/BHMA/history.html - Online Resources:
History and Culture.

BlackHistoryPages.com www.blackhistorypages.com - Web directory of Black History.

BlackHistorySociety.ca www.blackhistorysociety.ca/LinksPage.htm

 - Links to Black resources.

Blacknet  www.blacknet.co.uk - A place to meet Black People from Britain.

Blackpages.ca www.blackpages.ca - Everything African Canadian.

BlackPast.org http://www.blackpast.org/ - An Online Reference Guide to African American History.

Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra
http://www.blackpearlco.org -
Our musicians are as diverse as the community we serve and are selected from the best music conservatories from across the nation including the Juilliard School and the Curtis Institute of Music among others.

www.blackrefer.com - Links to quality African American Websites.

Black Star News www.blackstarnews.com/

www.blacktokyo.com - First in Urban Japan.

BlackWallStreet.org www.blackwallstreet.org - Black Wall Street District Oakland.

BlackWebPortal.com  www.blackwebportal.com - Search engine serving the African American community.

Blackworld.com www.blackworld.com - Your Friendly Internet Directory.

BlindTom.org http://www.blindtom.org/ - A tribute to the 19th century slave pianist and autistic savant, Blind Tom Wiggins.

Bob Corbett's Haiti Page
- www.webster.edu/~corbetre/haiti/haiti.html  

CAAPA (Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts)
 http://www.4caapa.org -
We provide support to African American classical musicans in a variety of ways including helping to spread the word regarding African American classical musicians.

Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millenium
  - Black History from a Canadian perspective.

CanadianContent.net/ www.canadiancontent.net - Web Directory.

Cedille Records
http://cedillerecords.org/catalog/index.php  -
Chicago's Classical Music Label.

Center for Black Music Research
http://www.colum.edu/cbmr/  - CBMR is a research unit of Columbia College Chicago.  It is devoted to research, preservation, and dissemination of information about the history of black music on a global scale.

Chicken Bones : A Journal  for Literary & Artistic African-American Themes- www.nathanielturner.com/africlassical.htm 

Childrens Music Portal www.childrens-music.org/childrens-music/find_music.htm

Classic Cat 
www.classiccat.net/ - The free classical music directory.

Classic in Black/France/Germany/USA
  As shown on our website (http://www.black-international-cinema.com),  the objectives of Classic in Black are focused on intercultural programs, an intercultural exchange between African Diaspora Culture and Western Classical and Operatic Music conducted by a multicultural group of people from Germany, the US, and other countries.

Classical Composer Biographies 
www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/mn200/music/composers.html  -  A list of biographical information about a variety of classical composers.

Classical Composers Database www.classical-composers.org - An ever-growing list of composers. Already over 1,700 entries. Links and contributions accepted.

Classical Connect http://www.ClassicalConnect.com, a virtual concert hall and the biggest searchable collection of classical music.

Classical dj 
http://www.classical.dj/ -
World's largest collection of online Classical radio stations.

Classical Music Matters
http://classical-music.mattters.com/ - Classical Music Archives presents the best of today's classical music news.

Classical Voice of North Carolina
  http://cvnc.org/ - An online performing arts journal based in central North Carolina.

Colby College 

http://composers-classical-music.com  CCM Web site.

http://www.detroitpublictv.org/  - Black History Month Sites to See.

Diane Kay-Clark  http://www.dianekayclark.com/index.asp - A musical
work in progress.

www.dolmetsch.com/musictheory38.htm - Music History Online.

Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
  www.stevenestrella.com - Basic and accurate biographical information on hundreds of composers.

Dr. LeBeau's HomePage www.suelebeau.com - A Resource for Teachers,
Students and Curious Adults.

Dylan Bernard Christopher http://dc-composition.co.uk/ - Website of the Black British composer Dylan Bernard Christopher, listing a number of his works.

  www.earlymodernweb.org.uk/ - Early Modern Resources.

EchodHaiti.com  www.echodhaiti.com/html-pages/links.html

www.edchange.org/multicultural/sites/artslinks.html - Multicultural Resources and the Arts.

EducationPlanet.com www.educationplanet.com - Quality Web Resources for Students & Teachers.

Education World www.education-world.com - The Educator's Best Friend.

Educational Communications Board www.ecb.org/ - Wisconsin Public
Broadcasting and Media Serving You.

Eighteenth Century Resources
  http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/18th/ - Master Index of Eighteenth-Century Resources.

Eleanor Alberga.com www.eleanoralberga.com - Official site of the contemporary Jamaican-born composer.

Eliesha Nelson http://elieshanelson.com - Noted violist, Eliesha Nelson,
brings the music of Quincy Porter back to light on Dorian
DSL 90911 (2009).

http://ellingtonweb.ca/Main.htm - Sites focused on
Ellington the man.

www.factbites.com/topics/Classical-music - Where
results make sense. 

www.fouye.com is a Web site devoted to Haiti and Haitians worldwide.

GatewayOfAfrica.com www.gatewayofafrica.com - Musician profiles with discographies of recent music and links to musician's Web sites, if any.

Gary's Homework Help Page  www.homeworkhelppage.com - Resources for students.

Georgia Music Educators Association  www.gmea.org

www.gocape.com - Cape Town Music Web Sites.

GoodEarthTV http://www.GoodEarth.TV
  - African American & Multicultural, family friendly HDTV/Internet channel.

Google Directory
http://directory.google.com - Web pages in Google PageRank order or alphabetical order.

www.guitarfoundation.org - Guitar Foundation of America.

HaitiSurf.com www.haitisurf.com - Finest Haitian Website.

Haitiwebs.com www.haitiwebs.com - A Virtual Haitian Community.

Harry T. Burleigh Society  http://burleighsociety.org/  -
The Forgotten Giant of American Music: The Father of the Spirituals.

Hinson's Afrocentric Resource Guide http://afro.dlhjr.com - Afrocentric Resource Guide of Donald L. Hinson, Jr.

Historical Text Archive
http://historicaltextarchive.com - Documents archive and links to other History sites available on the Internet.

History1700s.com www.history1700s.com - Encyclopedia of 18th Century History.

HistoryOrb.com/America/CivilRights  http://www.historyorb.com/america/civilrights.shtml -The Philosophies and Strategies of the Non-Violence and Black Power Movements. Our "Today in History" Archives are comprised of over 200,000 events in 6,000 years.


Homeschooling Adventures

Homeschooling On A Shoestring
- Classifieds and Forums for cutting costs while homeschooling.

HomeworkHelpPage.com www.homeworkhelppage.com - Gary's Web resources for school assignments.

I Write the Music www.iwritethemusic.com/africa.html

www.icctp.net - InterCultural and Cross-Cultural Teaching Portal.

Indiana.edu www.indiana.edu/~aaamc/ Archives of African American Music and Culture.

www.intermix.org.uk - Offers support and advice to Mixed-Race individuals and families living in the U.K.

International Society for Music Education www.isme.org - Serving music educators and promoting music education worldwide.

Internet4Classrooms.com www.internet4classrooms.com - Helping teachers use the Internet effectively!

Internet Public Library www.ipl.org/div/subject/browse/ref15.50.00/  - An educational initiative of the University of Michigan School of Information.

Interracial Voice www.webcom.com/~intvoice/ - An independent information oriented newsjournal serving the interracial community in cyberspace.

Into the Light Radio www.intothelightradio.org/archivesindex.html - The Music of Women Composers; program archives with audio samples.

http://www.intute.ac.uk/ - A consortium of U.K. universities working with partners to identify and evaluate websites as academic resources.

Julius P. Williams www.juliuspwilliams.com

Kabissa www.kabissa.org - Organisation that seeks democracy and social justice in Africa.

Kabiza.com www.kabiza.com

www.kapralova.org - The Kapralova Society, dedicated to promoting women in music.

www.kimperlak.com  - Dr. Kim Perlak is a classical guitarist whose versatile and inclusive approach to the instrument has made her a sought after performer, educator and scholar.  The Justin Holland Guitar Project is an educational project of hers which explores the African American roots of classical guitar in the U.S.

www.linksvalley.com/ Internet directory, web directory, link directory and portal of quality sites indexed under various categories.

LVBeethoven.com www.lvbeethoven.com

McGraw-Hill Museum of the Humanitites  www.mhhe.com/socscience/music/history.html - Music History Resources.

Metro Times  www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=7290 - Rhapsody
in black:  Locally produced Web site explores classical composers of color

Mezanmi www.mezanmi.com - Satisfy all your web needs.

Michigan Electronic Library www.mel.org - @ccess Michigan.

Mike's Fencing Page  http://www.oocities.org/strydermike/  - Useful starting point to other sites, as well as information on upcoming events.

Milken Archive http://www.milkenarchive.org - The Milken Archive was founded in 1990 to document, preserve, and disseminate the vast body of music that pertains to the American Jewish experience.

MinorityJobs.net  www.minorityjobs.net - Free Resume Posting and Job Listing Site with Articles on Civil Rights.

MotherlandNigeria  www.motherlandnigeria.com/music.html - Nigerian
music resources.

Multicultural Pavilion www.edchange.org/multicultural/ - Resources and Dialogues for Educators, Students and Activists.

Music Education New York
 A Jazz Ensemble Performer, Composer and Contemporary Jazz Music Program.

MusicInAction.org: For Australian Music Educators

MUSIClassical.com http://musiclassical.com - A daily post of major events including births and deaths that transpired that day in classical music history.

Music Lesson Plans http://www.lessoncorner.com/Art_and_Music/Music
- Our freemium business model allows all users to access many of the 
site's features.

Musiclopedia.com www.musiclopedia.com - Music Research Portal.

MusicMoz Open Music Project http://musicmoz.org - Help build the largest human-contributed music project on the Web.

MusicUNTOLD.com http://www.musicuntold.com - A multidisciplinary organization devoted to presenting arts and educational programs that promote diversity and human dignity.

Music & Vision Daily
www.mvdaily.com - The world's first daily classical music magazine.

MusikNetz.com www.musiknetz.com - Categorized directory of music sites.

MyAfricanDiaspora.com http://www.myafricandiaspora.com/ - Dedicated to connecting members of the African Diaspora.

www.namibweb.com - The most comprehensive Web site on travelling to Africa's best kept secret - beautiful Namibia.

Nathaniel Dett Chorale www.nathanieldettchorale.org/resources.php

National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance www.naaha.com - Bringing Home Education to African-American Families.

National Association for Music Education www.menc.org/guides/aahistory/AfricanAmericanHistory.html

National Council for the Social Studies
 http://www.ncss.org/  - The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support for all social studies educators.

Neglected Composers
  http://www.geneva.edu/~dksmith/clara/almnegl.html  - Articles and Home Page on Neglected Composers.

NegroSpirituals.com  www.negrospirituals.com/ - Official site of Negro
Spirituals, Antique Gospel Music.

Neurodiversity.com www.neurodiversity.com - Honoring the variety of human wiring.

NewMusicBox.org www.newmusicbox.org - E-zine of the American Music Center.

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts www.nypl.org/ -
Selected Internet Resources.

NgEX.com www.ngex.com - Bridging the Nigeria Divide.

Nigeria Web  
www.odili.net/nigeria.html  - The Nigerian Starting Point.

NW Regional Educational Laboratory www.nwrel.org - Directory of educational websites for students and teachers.

Nyaho: Concert Pianist  http://www.nyaho.com  Performances and CDs
of William H. Chapman Nyaho, an African American pianist of Ghanaian descent.

Ohio Social Studies Resource Center 
http://ossrc.org/  Building student
achievement one resource at a time!

Open Directory
http://dmoz.org/Arts/Music/History/ - Open Directory:
Arts: Music: History.


Out of Africa - Too- One Man's Journey
- http://kabiza.com  African Impressions: A mzungu's (westerner's) look at life in East Africa.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory www.pnl.gov/ - Black History Month Resources.

Pages In Black http://www.pagesinblack.com/ - Books, Music, Movies & More.

www.pasmae.org - Our Mission is to enhance and promote Musical Arts Education throughout Africa.

PerformingArts.net - www.performingarts.net Performing Arts Online.

Pipedreams http://pipedreams.publicradio.org - Program listings.

www.ptloma.edu - Point Loma Nazarene University.

PublishedAuthors.net www.publishedauthors.net - Biography of Lynn Kazi, author of the novel Cottonland Songstress.

Puertoritmo.com www.puertoritmo.com  Music of Puerto Rico / Musica de
Puerto Rico.

www.radiopalmwine.com - Public community radio program, arts and cultural Web site.

Republic of Ghana  www.ghana.gov.gh/links/index.php - Welcome to the
Republic of Ghana.

Randye Jones
www.randyejones.com - Biography and performance activities of American soprano and researcher Randye Jones.          

Royal African Society

www.sakapfet.com - Your cyber-highway to Haiti.

Scena.org www.scena.org - La Scena Musicale Online.

Sheffield College Web Links  www.sheffcol.ac.uk/links/Art_and_Design/Performing_Arts/Music/

Sites For Teachers http://www.sitesforteachers.com/cgi-bin/in.cgi?id=wjzick - Hundreds of sites for teachers ranked by popularity.

Social Studies for Kids
www.socialstudiesforkids.com/subjects/africanamericans.htm -
African-American Biographies.

www.somusical.com - So Musical! The Definitive Musical Directory.

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History Library

Soul Search www.soulsearch.net - The Search Engine for the World's People of Color.

SouthAfricaHQ.com http://southafricahq.com/southafricamusic/
index.php - South Africa Music.

South Africa Online www.southafrica.co.za - South African information resources.

Spartacus.Schoolnet.co.uk www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/REVmusic.htm

Sphinx Organization www.sphinxmusic.org - Building diversity in classical music.

Stars & Catz Australia
http://www.starsandcatz.com.au - Music Teacher Network.

Stars & Catz Canada http://www.starsandcatz.net - Music Teacher Network.

Stars & Catz UK http://starsandcatz.co.uk - Music Teacher Network.

Stars & Catz USA www.starsandcatz.com - Music Teacher Network.

State University of New York at Albany http://library.albany.edu/subject/music.html

St. Martin in-the-Fields High School for Girls
www.stmartins.lambeth.sch.uk/Library/music.htm - Internet Resources for Music.

http://www.StudioNYCHA.org - StudioNYCHA is a NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) effort to share with a wider audience, now and forever, the Arts and Music creativity of the residents of New York City's 334 public housing developments and Section 8 dwellings.

Surfing the Net with Kids
http://www.surfnetkids.com - Weekly guide to the best kid sites and fun kids games.  Educational website reviews by "Surfing the Net with Kids" syndicated columnist Barbara J. Feldman for kids, families, and teachers.

TeacherNet.gov.uk www.teachingnet.gov.uk/usefulsites

Teachers Top Sites  www.americanteachers.com/topsites - Add your site: Join the list.

TEAMS Distance Learning  http://teams.lacoe.edu/ - For all K-12 Educators.

Tennessee Technological University www2.tntech.edu/history/black.html - African American History Sites.

The Black World Today  www.tbwt.org Search engine serving the African-American community.

TheCanadianEncyclopedia www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/ 

The Finer Times
 http://www.thefinertimes.com - Thefinertimes.com is set to create a content rich, ambitious, stylish interface for all averred readers to enjoy.

The Musicland
www.themusicland.co.uk/ - An educational site for music resources at GSCE and A-Level.

TheTeachersCorner.net www.theteacherscorner.net - Teacher
Resources and Lesson Plans.

TorontoGospel.ca http://www.torontogospel.ca   Listen to Black Gospel Music online.

Toronto Recording Studio www.torontorecordingstudio.com/music/dir/4/756/history.html

www.tulipsandbears.com - Web Guide from Open Directory.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Urban Philharmonic.org
www.urbanphilharmonic.org - Washington DC-based presenter of orchestral and chamber music programs - Darrold V. Hunt, Founder and Music Director.

Violinist.com http://www.violinist.com - Violinist.com explores and celebrates the world of violin music for violinists of all levels.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University http://www.oeo.vt.edu/site/v4/index.php?id=8  - Office of Equal Opportunity.

WAADO.org www.waado.org - Urhobo Historical Society.

WarmAfrica.com www.warmafrica.com - News and information on the African continent.

WGUC.org www.wguc.org - Classics for Kids lesson plans on William Grant Still.

Wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page - Free Encyclopedia, written collaboratively by pĂȘople from all around the world.

Woyaa.com www.woyaa.com/links/ENTERTAINMENT/more2.html

Wunder Music Directory  http://music.wundermusic.com/ - Directory of Music Web sites.

WWW-VL: US: African American History
http://vlib.iue.it/history/USA/african-american.html - Virtual
library of U.S. History Resources.

Yale Africa Guide InterActive: The Arts: Music http://research.yale.edu/swahili/links/The_Arts/Music/ - Yale Africa Guide InterActive is brought to you by Yale Council on African Studies and The Kamusi Project Internet Living Swahili Dictionary.

http://www.yauwa.com/ - Yuawa is the place to know everything about Africa, African people, African women, African men, African music, African music video, African news African culture and much more. It is also a very good place for African chat which is well-known as afro chat.

Zeroland.co.nz www.zeroland.co.nz - The Arts on the Web.


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