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Solon Verret 

Haitian Composer & Pianist


Table of Contents

  1 Recorded Works
  2 Haitian Meringue
  3 Haitian Masters






The Haitian Masters
Meringue Haitienne, Nostalgie
Valse, Rose printaniere
IFA Music Records 256 (1999)

1 Recorded Works
Among the works of the Haitian composer Solon Verret are  Meringue Haitienne, Nostalgie  (6:00) and  Valse, Rose printaniere  (4:34).  They can be found on  Music of the Haitian Masters,  IFA Music Records 256 (1999).
The works were composed for piano but are performed by Jean E. Saint-Eloi on Midi guitar.  The liner notes are by the guitarist, and begin with an overview of Haitian classical music:

The development of the Haitian classical music takes its origin all the way back to the independence of Haiti.  The Haitian classical music (mizik savant ayisyen) had a distinctivepalette based on French models of culture then later African musical concept was added to it.  The mizik savant ayisyen was called the music of the elite.

2 Haitian Meringue
Jean E. Saint-Eloi explains that Haiti lost most of its White population by the end of the long and bloody Haitian Revolution, so a new system of music education was created:

In 1807, musical education became part of the curriculum of the greatest schools in the country.  Around 1817, the teaching of music appreciation, solfegio, voice and instrumental technique was outlined by the department of public instruction.  In 1830, was born a great man Occilius Jeanty, Sr. mathematics, music composition, and  teaching were his strength.  Among his musical works were some overtures, chanson creoles, and Haitian meringues.  The meringue was a musical genre that is obviously carrying an African influence, a mixture of Petro and Congo, a set of complex rhythms found in the vodu culture as part of the Ifa corpus.  Therefore, the meringue possesses its own style expressing the soul of the Haitian people.

3 Haitian Masters
Several other prominent Haitian composers of classical music are named in the liner notes.  They include Justin Elie, Occide Jeanty, and Ludovic Lamothe, whose works for solo piano round out the program of the CD and who have pages of their own at this Web site.  Saint-Eloi estimates that Haiti has produced about 60 classical composers.  He concludes with these words:

In this anthology presented by the Cultural Enlightenment Association of Ife, the past is meeting the present to shape the future. You will be enjoying the works of Occide Jeanty (Invocation), a meringue and a waltz by Solon Verret, two old chants from the mountains anda Haitian legend by Justin Elie, Scherzo and Sobo  are directly taken from the vodu idiom and a meringue (La Dangereuse) by Ludovic Lamothe.


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